"Small-time thugs like Racto are usually very intimidated by the sight of a lightsaber."
Kyle Katarn[src]

Lannik Racto was a crime lord based on Coruscant and a member of the Disciples of Ragnos. He possessed a bust of Marka Ragnos in his office, along with a number of other Force-related artifacts, such as artusian crystals, a stuffed ysalimir, and vornskr statues. He employed a small army of mercenaries as well as some Sith Cultists, possibly on loan from the cult as extra security.

Racto supplied the Imperial Remnant and the Disciples of Ragnos with illegal war droids through the Invisible Market, which brought him to the attention of the New Republic, who asked the Jedi to investigate the matter. He was tracked down and arrested by Jedi apprentice Jaden Korr on Korr's homeworld of Coruscant; after several running lightfights Korr defeated Racto's mercenaries and assassin droids, as well as the Dark Jedi in his employ.

Once Korr confronted and defeated Racto's guards, the crime lord confessed to assassin droid involvement just before being apprehended, giving New Republic authorities the location of his Nar Shaddaa droid factory. Within days the operation was shut down by NRI agents.