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"…Lantern birds are servants of the Spirit and sacred. They must always be free."

The lantern bird was a large flying creature with incandescent tail feathers. It lived in shimmering nests high in the trees of Endor's forest moon. The lantern bird's tail feathers were used by Ewoks for medicinal potions. These avians were often eaten by Duloks, but the Ewoks considered them to be magical.



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  1. No source has firmly established the lantern birds' level of sentience. While The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, Vol. II, p. 244 ("lantern bird") establishes that the species was native to the moon of Endor, Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds, p. 40, states that Ewoks and Yuzzums were the only sentient natives of the Forest Moon. "Castaways of Endor" establishes that Duloks, too, were native sentients. Thus, as Endor natives, the lantern birds could have been non-sentient or semi-sentient, but not fully sentient.
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