Laph Rapuung was a Yuuzhan Vong of the warrior caste.


Rapuung a member of Domain Rapuung who served under the Hunter Tsaa Qalu aboard the Throat Slasher. More conventional in his outlook than Tsaa Qalu, he trusted the priest caste implicitly, and regarded all infidels as unworthy barbarians, but he seemed to have respected the challenging responses that his opinions provoked from the more experienced warrior.

He almost certainly died in 26 ABY when the Dug prisoner Leaft escaped and forced the ship to crash into a mountainside on Thyferra.

Behind the scenesEdit

It is not clear how many Yuuzhan Vong were in the crew of the Throat Slasher, although Leaft thought that the ship's only crew consisted of just Tsaa Qalu and a single pilot. From the dialogue between Laph Rapuung and the veteran Hunter, it is possible that they may have been in some sort of mentor/apprentice relationship.