Laqasa Trill was a female Devaronian Jedi Knight who served the Jedi Order.


A Jedi Knight from Devaron, Laqasa Trill was an accomplished hunter and a Jedi Seeker who taught the philosophy that overpopulated game species ought to be hunted and rogue predators eradicated. A form of walking meditation, Trill used the Force to connect with her prey, and never used a lightsaber during a hunt. Instead, Trill used tools utilized by local hunters and developed her own tools and weapons during her journeys. Rarely returning to her homeworld, Trill was called upon to slay a pack of dangerous camouflaging beasts ravaging Devaron's northern continent. Developing the Eyes of Laqasa, a pair of modified electrobinoculars, Trill tracked and destroyed the beasts, donning their skins as a color-changing robe. Leaving the Eyes in a hunting lodge within the Blue Mountains, Trill's hunt was legendary among her people during the Galactic Civil War.[1]


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