Lar Kantayan was a human male who served as an agent in the Imperial Security Bureau. Prior to the destruction of Jedha City, Kantayan was sent by the ISB to infiltrate the partisans, where he worked with Staven. After being recalled by the Empire for failing to accomplish anything during his mission, Kantayan was reassigned to the planet Vardos. Whilst on Vardos, Kantayan, now under the alias Azen Novaren, maintained contact with Staven, who had become leader of the Dreamers at this point following Saw Gerrera's death on Jedha. On the recommendation of the Mentor, Novaren recruited the disgraced Imperial Iden Versio after she had been accused of sedition.[1]

Whilst on a mission to the planet Affadar, Novaren was framed by Inferno Squad member Gideon Hask of being responsible of placing a homing beacon in the group's shuttle, which alerted the Empire to the presence of the Dreamers, resulting in the deaths of Kaev and Nadrine. After returning to the Dreamers' encampment on Jeosyn and finding evidence of his betrayal, Novaren was killed by the Dreamers after seven hours of torture.[1]

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