Lara group was a pair of Modular conveyors that served with the trading company Twin Suns Transport Services, owned by the Azzameen family.

After the Imperialization of all Azzameen assets, including those held by their trading company, the ships of Lara were let go, though Aeron Azzameen, the daughter of former company owner Tomaas, would maintain contact with the pair of ships. Later, the group, paired together with the Cargo ferry ships of Juno group, absconded with supplies from Viraxo Industries' orbital complex VXO-33274 following a raid by Ace Azzameen, a decorated starfighter pilot in the Alliance to Restore the Republic's fleet, in a mission to secure supplies for the Alliance presence on Vergesso Base, located in the Vergesso Asteroids. Despite interference from the Viraxo forces, as well as forces from Black Sun, the supplies were delivered successfully.