The Laramus Base Irregulars, or Irregulars for short, were a small company of soldiers that were led by Tagg Pierce. Pierce formed the Irregulars after he was rejected from the Rebel Alliance for insubordination.

They were often considered to be little more than 'dead men' among other mercenary groups due to the fact that they were frequently given extremely dangerous assignments. They had a ninety-six percent turnover rate and a fifty percent casualty rate throughout their history. The Irregulars established a base on Laramus and attempted to stay out of the Galactic Civil War. However, the establishment of a Rebel Alliance base on that world attracted the attention of the Galactic Empire. This forced the Laramus Base Irregulars to find a new base of operations.

After the Battle of Endor the Irregulars joined the New Republic in order to take on any lingering pockets of Imperial resistance throughout the galaxy. They were responsible for the resignation of Moff Abran Balfour.