This article is about the starship. You may be looking for the Gray Paladin Laranth Tarak.

Laranth, also known as Corsair, was a Helix-class light interceptor that was used by the Jedi Knight Jax Pavan during the early years of the Galactic Empire. The vessel was originally acquired by a group of Toprawan rebels and Antarian Rangers and it was kept in the resistance outpost Mountain Home on Toprawa. In about 18 BBY, Pavan's own starship, the Far Ranger, was destroyed by the Empire, and the Toprawan rebels gifted him the Helix-class interceptor as a replacement. Pavan named the ship Laranth, in honor of his recently-deceased companion Laranth Tarak, and when on operations the vessel masqueraded under the call-sign Corsair.

The starship was later flown by the Antarian Ranger Sacha Swiftbird and Pavan's companions Den Dhur and I-5YQ during a rescue mission to free the imprisoned resistance leader Thi Xon Yimmon from the Imperial installation Kantaros Station. During the mission, Laranth masqueraded as the Black Sun transport Raptor, so as to enable Swiftbird, Dhur and I-5YQ to infiltrate the station in disguise as Black Sun traders.