The subject of this article appeared only in a Star Wars Tales 120 story that was referenced in no other Star Wars Legends source.

Lucasfilm considered all Tales 120 content that was not "completely outrageous or intentionally comic" to have some level of canonicity within the Star Wars Legends continuity. Editor discretion is advised.

Larbo was a Human male who lived on Kuat during the Separatist Crisis and a year before the Clone Wars begun. He was one of a large number of people who worked as virtual slaves for the barons of Kuat City. His son was killed after being forced to work in unsafe industrial conditions, after which Larbo formed and led a resistance force determined to free Kuat's population from its servitude. However, in 23 BBY, he and his organization were killed by Jango Fett on the orders of Count Dooku.


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