The Large Gun/Warhead Emplacement was a strategic weapon emplacement produced by the Wandrau Arms Corporation.

A modification of the more basic Large Gun Emplacement (and demanding a similar crew complement), this platform was also designed to augment a space station's existing defense systems, or protect stations and bases that were otherwise defenseless.

Equaling the Large Gun Emplacement's total of 16 omnidirectional laser cannons mounted in pairs, 8 on the upper and 8 on the lower part of the hull, this platform also boasted warhead launchers on both the top and base of the structure, equipped with a standard warhead load of 4 concussion missiles. Perhaps due to the added systems required by these weapons, Wandrau fitted a far weaker shield system, only able to produce a tenth of the defensive capability of the Large Gun Emplacement. Furthermore, these systems somehow compromised hull armor (or the armor was omitted entirely), giving the Large Gun/Warhead Emplacement a paltry armor rating of 2 RU.

Nonetheless, this defense was extremely dangerous to incoming starfighters. The warhead launchers also made it especially threatening to smaller capital ships, such as a CR90 corvette.



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