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The Laria Bexum was a modified freighter, crewed by some unidentified Trandoshan smugglers in Nirama's payroll.

In 32 BBY, he Bexum and her crew were having trouble with their contraband, rarely smuggling enough cargo to pay off for the travel. Nirama sent smuggler Xav Verivax to the repair station Darkside, where Verivax was to explain them better ways to bootleg.

Once Verivax had taught the smugglers his craft, he proposed a test: He hid some spice in the Trouble and the Trandoshans hid some holovids in their ship, Laria Bexum. A third party (composed of Verivax's previous passengers) had to search both ships and try to find the sneak. The Trandoshans hid the holovids under a sliding panel in the port floor, while Verivax was much more skilful and hid the spice under the shield controls.

Behind the scenesEdit

The model of the Laria Bexum is unknown.


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