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"Mmm. They're best with a little butter, stewed in the shell. Seemed worth the risk trying to retake the resistance warehouse."
―Larindaz, on Colicoids[src]

Larindaz was a male Kubaz mercenary who visited the war ruined world of Balmorra.


In the year 3643 BBY, Larindaz tasked a Republic allied individual to kill several feral Colicoids who were infesting a resistance base in the area. Larindaz claimed he wanted this deed done to rid the Republic of the dangerous nuisance and to get the base back up and running, but in reality, he wanted several Colicoid steaks brought back for food, as they were considered a delicacy for the insect-eating Kubaz.

Behind the scenesEdit

Larindaz first appears in the 2011 BioWare MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic for Republic classes as the starter point for the heroic mission "Acquired Taste" on Balmorra.



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