This article is about the pirate. You may be looking for the Lars family.

Lars was a member of a pirate group in the Cularin system. They had been hired by Velin Wir to steal high tech supplies from various Cularin trading companies, the pirates keeping any extra loot they took in the process. The pirates had stolen a number of uniforms of various companies' security forces from a laundry service and used them in the commission of several of their crimes.

Lars was with a group that hit Renna's Transport Service and stole one of Renna's shuttles. Lars missed getting on the shuttle, however, but being in a stolen Renna's uniform, he managed to slip out of the compound in the confusion. A group of people looking for Darin, a man the same group of pirates had kidnapped, noticed Lars and captured him. They turned him over to Renna. Her security forces interrogated him before turning him over to the Office of Peace and Security.