Lars Baddeg was a Human male leader of the Justicars' Brigade during the Cold War.


A Human male, Lars Baddeg had ascended to the top of the Galactic Republic's Most Wanted List by 3643 BBY. In the wake of the Sacking of Coruscant years earlier, the Justicars' Brigade had become a powerful vigilante group in the Coruscant underworld. He ascended to the top ranks of the Justicars after acquiring the Noetikon of Secrets from the ruins of the Jedi Temple, secretly conspiring with a mysterious Sith Lord to whom he had promised the artifacts. At the height of his time amid the Justicars' leadership, Baddeg was attempting to acquire the other two Noetikons but was thwarted by a young Jedi Consular at every turn. Holing himself up in the Justicars' Tower, the young Jedi arrived with a Trandoshan companion named Qyzen Fess and convinced Baddeg to hand over the Noetikon without a fight. However, he deceived the Jedi by turning over into their custody a faux-Noetikon which was in actuality a Sith trap provided by his clandestine benefactor. Breaking free of the Sith device, the Consular and Fess attacked and killed Baddeg before retrieving the real Noetikon.

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