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The LaserWeb Defense Station was a security system used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


Main station LaserWeb

The laser grid's components.

A central node was placed on a surface, surrounded by planetary objects embedded with additional nodes and multi-directional laser emitters.[1] When the system sensed a starship's movement, it was activated, covering an area with a laser grid and preventing the vessel's escape.[2]


One such defense grid was placed in orbit of Iego early on in the Clone Wars. It prevented the inhabitants from leaving and spawned superstitious tales of the wrath of Drol- Iego's "phantom ruler".[2]

Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, while on a mission to Iego, managed to overload and destroy the system, freeing up the citizens of Iego to travel to and from the planet as they pleased.[2]

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The main node of the system is based on the Death Star's main superlaser projector.[1]



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