"There is a local gang of teens called the Laser Flits. They are a relatively new gang operating here out of Mos Espa."
―W. Wald[src]

A female Human Laser Flit with purple hair

The Laser Flits were a swoop gang residing in a bunker just outside of Mos Espa during the Galactic Civil War.

Purple hazeEdit


A male Human human Laser Flit engaged in ranged combat.

While not having a specific uniform, the Laser Flits wore purple colors, sometimes mixed with gray. A number of them wore purple flight suits, while others wore more military-like garments such as cargo vests and cargo pants with purple camouflage patterns. Mainly Humans, the majority of Laser Flit gang members sported avant-garde hairstyles, and many also dyed their hair purple.

The end?Edit

They tended to give W. Wald a hard time, so, in retribution, he eventually hired a star-hopper to infiltrate their bunker and steal some swoop parts which Wald would then sell on. The operation was a success, and at least ten Laser Flits were eliminated in the process. Whether they continued operating afterwards is unknown, but they did stop bothering Wald after the operation.


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