Last Call was a modified Ginivex-class starfighter given to Asajj Ventress by Count Dooku following the theft of her previous such starfighter by Obi-Wan Kenobi on Rattatak. The creation of these personal Fanblade fighters proved exceedingly expensive for the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and Dooku was known to begrudge having to replace Ventress's vessels.

Last Call was equipped with the latest Geonosian technology, as well as a prototype "gemcutter" stolen from Carbanti United Electronics, a device which detected the space-time disturbance caused by a ship about to enter or leave hyperspace and gave the pilot approximately five seconds warning of other ships incoming or making the jump to lightspeed. The fighter was also fitted with external modules capable of carrying up to eighteen Confederacy assassin droids.

During the Clone Wars, Ventress held a captive Palleus Chuff onboard Last Call while she set out to track down Grand Master Yoda before his meeting with Dooku on Vjun. Chuff managed to escape, and set the starfighter to self-destruct on Phindar, forcing Ventress to find another means of reaching Vjun.



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