"How about a properly prepared nerf steak? Brought by a pirate captain with a fast ship for hire."
―Zare Leonis to Lieutenant Chiron[src]

The last meal was a privilege sometimes offered by the Galactic Empire to prisoners that it had condemned to death. At least in certain cases, the prisoner was offered both a choice of the food they wanted to eat as well the individual that would deliver the meal, within reason.


"You can have anything you want—except for that pirate ship."
―Lieutenant Chiron[src]

Zare Leonis, a human boy that had enlisted as a cadet with the Galactic Empire, was discovered at the Arkanis Academy to have participated in traitorous activities against the Empire. Following a military tribunal, he was sentenced to be executed by firing squad the next day and imprisoned. He later received a visit from Lieutenant Chiron, an Imperial officer that had been transferred from Lothal's Academy for Young Imperials, to investigate a secret society at Arkanis's Academy. Chiron had been one of Leonis's strongest supporters prior to learning of Leonis's treachery, and he offered Leonis the chance for a last meal as well his choice of who would bring it. Leonis sarcastically asked for a properly prepared nerf steak, delivered by a pirate captain with a fast ship for hire. Chiron, naturally, did not grant this request, so Leonis asked that the meal be brought by Beck Ollet, a friend of Leonis's and a rebel who had been captured by the Empire and brainwashed into supporting them through a program known as Project Unity. Chiron agreed and asked again what Leonis wanted for the meal. Leonis asked for two jogan fruits. Leonis then used the smell of the jogan fruits to remind his friend of the smell of the jogan blossoms at his family's orchard back home. Ollet suddenly recalled how the Empire had destroyed it all and, though still somewhat confused, assisted his friend in escaping and then rescuing his sister, Dhara Leonis.[1]


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