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This male Yinchorri was the son of the leader of the Council of Elders of the Yinchorri city of Tol-Kachorn, the strongest of the city-states on Yinchorr. He lived during the times of the New Republic.[1]

During his lifetime, the Galactic Empire devastated Yinchorr, annihilating all the lifeforms there. A number of Yinchorri, including this individual, survived by leaving the planet before that point.[1]

Eventually, in 13 ABY, the New Republic expelled the Empire from Yinchorr. This individual raised the banner of Tol-Kachorn and became the new leader of the Yinchorri in their effort to re-build their civilization. Following him, the Yinchorri settled in a building established by the Emperor's Royal Guard.[1]

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