Lausbee was a Cargo ferry used by Airam pirates during the Galactic Civil War. The Lausbee, along with Nicko were part of an Airam pirate raid to steal Imperial munitions and Warheads. What the they didn't know was that the convoy was "leaked" to the Airam to be used as bait. The Cargo ferries arrived and R-41 Starchasers from Jerrid Squadron helped disabled the convoy, while T-wings from Claw Squadron were to provide starfighter support. However Imperial fighters such as Avenger Squadron broke through Claw Squadron and attacked both Lausbee and Nicko to power down or be threatened to be destroyed. With both ferries surrendering Stormtrooper transports from Sigma were dispatched and the Lausebee and Nicko were captured, while their remaining fighters were eliminated.


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