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Law was a clone trooper lieutenant who served in the Grand Army of the Republic. At some point during the Clone Wars, Law commanded a squad of clone troopers from the 187th Legion that accompanied the Jedi Knight B'ink Utrila and the Padawan Rennax Omani to the planet Draay 2, on a mission to prevent the ancient Sith artifact the Gauntlet of Kressh the Younger from falling into the hands of Count Dooku. The party eventually located the Jedi Temple in which the artifact was housed, but after facing off against a guard droid and a horde of sarl creatures, they failed at recovering the artifact because the gauntlet was too strong in the dark side of the Force for the Jedi to touch it. Law and the rest of the clones made camp within the temple while they pondered their next move, but they were attacked by a group of Death Watch Mandalorians, who sought to seize the artifact for themselves. The clone trooper Glitch defeated the Mandalorians by activating a defense mechanism that caused the temple to collapse. In the aftermath of the building's destruction, Law and the other clones believed Glitch to be dead and they commended their comrade's efforts.