Lieutenant Laytron was a Human male who served as an officer in the Grand Army of the Republic during the height of the Clone Wars against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Around 21 BBY, he was dispatched to Cartao as the backup to the primary mission of Commander Roshton during the battle. Laytron's forces were in place in the event of a disaster, as the evacuation force for Roshton's troopers. Kinman Doriana provided Laytron's location to Jedi Knight Jafer Torles and Lord Pilester Binalie after Separatist forces tried to take control of Foulahn City and Spaarti Creations, hoping to bring Laytron's forces to bear in a mission to free Roshton. Laytron was a by-the-book officer, and initially refused Torles' request for assistance. When Binalie revealed the existence of a fourth Outlink on the grounds of Spaarti Creations, Laytron decided that there was a good chance of success.