Lazhae was a Human male scientist who was imprisoned by the Sith Empire in their Shadow Town prison facility on Nar Shaddaa for his horrific experiments on alien creatures. During the Cold War, Lazhae nonetheless maintained a lab in Shadow Town and continued his research, and offered to help the ecological activist Momi Andrell with bringing the shanjaru species back from the brink of extinction. However, he turned on Andrell and imprisoned her, experimenting on her and intending to turn the only remaining female shanjaru into a weapon. Andrell was rescued by a smuggler who forced Lazhae to turn over the shanjaru and his genetic samples.

Behind the scenesEdit

Gameplay alternativesEdit

The smuggler player character has three options when dealing with Lazhae:

  • Threaten him to hand over the shanjaru genetic samples (light side dialogue).
  • Take his bribe (dark side dialogue)
  • Execute him on the spot (dark side dialogue)