Lazlo Ardine was a male Human who served as a Colonel in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.


During the conflict, Ardine was selected to command Strike Force Cularin, a strikeforce that was made up of units from the Galactic Republic, Cularin Militia and Thaereian military. He led them on a mission to the Ando system, where they captured a Separatist CR90 corvette and attacked a Separatist base on a planetoid in the system. During the attack, he overheard his second-in-command, Colonel Rast'tul, confess to an attempt to kill the Heroes of Cularin, so Ardine ordered some Clone troopers arrest him.

He was later aboard the Relentless during the Battle of Cularin.

Personality and traitsEdit

Ardine was a career soldier and was committed to fighting and doing what he thought to be right. Although he respected the fighting abilities of the Jedi, he felt that they shouldn't have been given command of the Grand Army. Prior to the mission to the Ando system, he disliked the Cularin Militia's war against the Thaereians, as he believed that the Thaereian military was justified in being in the Cularin system. However, the mission changed his perspective on this and afterward, he was more sympathetic to the Militia.