"I saved your women from police custody."
"She's not my women. No one owns Lazula."
―Jak and Chawin[src]

Lazula was the female companion and cohort of Talvee Chawin, the Iktotchi crime lord of Level 1313 on the planet Coruscant around the time of the Battle of Endor. Lazula was in the custody of the Coruscant police when she was rescued by the youngling Jak. She then gave him a card that granted an audience with Chawin. Jak went to see Chawin and negotiated for an EMP which he then gave to the Anklebiter Brigade so that they could use it as a distraction against Imperial forces who were fighting for control of CoCo Town against the Rebel Alliance. In exchange for the EMP, Jak pledged himself to Chawin's service.[1]


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