"I think Gillam is here ... I saw him the night he disappeared..."
"Do you think Gillam is hiding?"
"I don't blame him. With a father like that, I'd hide, too ... I can see Gillam hiding, but I can't see Ferus doing that. He isn't mean like Gillam."
"Gillam is mean?"
"...He's not mean, I guess. He's just ... not nice.
―Jedi Masters Siri Tachi and Obi-Wan Kenobi question student security systems prodigy Reymet Autem.[src]

The Leadership School was an elite school on the planet Andara that catered to the children of the galaxy's rich and powerful. It was from this school that Gillam Tarturi, son of Andara's Senator Berm Tarturi, mysteriously disappeared in 25 BBY. Jedi undercover agents Ferus Olin and Anakin Skywalker, posing as privileged "transfer students," were sent to investigate.

The Leadership School trained its students for the many roles of power and influence in the galaxy, particularly in government and diplomacy, including Senatorial positions, but also as galactic system and planetary rulers, and as heads of state and of corporations. Among its many elegant buildings was the Great Hall of Learning, a central convocation and lecture hall.

The students were under tight surveillance and state-of-the art security (they accustomed themselves to being constantly shadowed by surveillance droids), as a precaution against bounty hunters and the great temptation to exact ransoms from the rich. But the elite learners, all sons and daughters of privilege, were also "pampered," as it was believed that, then, "the mind is free to concentrate."[1] Each student enjoyed small but luxurious private quarters and the best dining that money could buy—the school's cuisine being akin to that of the finest exclusive restaurants on Coruscant.

During the Separatist Crisis, shortly before the Clone Wars, Aeradin, the school's assistant dean, served also as one of its professors (System geography), as did Win Totem (Geopolitics).

At that same time, most of the students attending the school resented the students who were there on scholarship. Even so, they had little to begrudge, for the scholarship students—due, ironically enough, to the school's politics at the time, as they interfaced with those of the galaxy at large—rarely obtained a good reference from the professors once they'd graduated.

Notable studentsEdit

"Welcome to the comfiest jail in the galaxy. It's not much, but we call it home."
―Reymet Autem, describing the Leadership School.[src]


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