"I hate locals."

The Dug Leaft was a member of the crew aboard the No Luck Required, the rescue starship captained by Uldir Lochett during the Yuuzhan Vong War. With his species' natural agility and fast reactions, he often manned the ship's weapons when she was forced to go into combat.

He was believed to have been killed during the rescue of Jedi Bey Gandan from a Yuuzhan Vong prison ship: when the crippled transport was in danger of falling into a black hole, he boarded a coralskipper and used the link between the fighter's cognition hood and the larger ship to propel it to safety, apparently at the cost of his own life.

In fact, he had been captured by Tsaa Qalu and brought aboard the Throat Slasher as a prisoner. Although hampered by a broken arm, the Dug was nevertheless able to fight his way out of captivity and escape aboard one of Throat Slasher's coralskippers. Now with some experience of Yuuzhan Vong control systems, he was able to use the link between the coralskipper and its mothership to crash the Throat Slasher into a mountainside on Thyferra, and he subsequently rejoined the crew of No Luck Required.

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