The League of Tapani Freeworlds was a loose-knit alliance of Freeworlds in the Tapani sector whose purpose is to allow the worlds to collude in setting tariffs, coordinate a common defense strategy, and cooperate on other top-level arrangements that protected and advanced the goals of the Freeworlds. The league was made up of representatives from each freeworld but only the five major worlds Aleron, Lamuir IV, Mrlsst, Neona and Tallaan were voting members of the organization.

The League of Tapani Freeworlds concerned itself only with the broadest issues of government such as setting economic policies, providing defense for the region in the form of the Freeworlds Common Navy and the establishment of treaties with outside powers. Other functions such as enacting and enforcing laws, collecting taxes were performed at a local planetary level. Each world elected its own leadership and valued its own independence. In reality their independence was limited as the mining companies held considerable power in most areas of the region.

The League's headquarters were on Tallaan and had executive branches on Mrlsst and Neona. Representatives of the League also had offices on influential Imperial worlds such as Thyferra and Coruscant.