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Leah Mangue.

Leah Mangue is an illustrator and an officially approved Lucasfilm artist.

In May of 2007 she became an officially licensed Lucasfilm artist with her inclusion as a sketch card artist for Topps Star Wars 30th Anniversary (2006) collectors card set. She has since worked on Topps collectors card sets including: Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary (2007), Indiana Jones Heritage (2008), Clone Wars I (2008), Star Wars Galaxies (IV, V, VI, VII 2008-2011), Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), Clone Wars II (2009), Indiana Jones Masterpieces (2009), and Star Wars Galactic Files (2012.)

She has also worked as a licensed artist for Topps Lord of the Rings Masterpieces I & II and Topps Heroes I & II card sets as well as sketch cards for Breygent Marketings' Wizard of Oz, Sci-Fi Movie Poster series, Movie Star Poster series and Marilyn Monroe card sets as well as Strictly Ink's Art of Harryhausen, Hammer Horror, Doctor Who (films), CSI: Miami, CSI: NY and Celebrity Sketchers card sets, and more recently on Perna Studios collectors card sets Classic Fairy Tales and Halloween.

  • Was chosen as an artist for Star Wars Celebration V with her print Have Rifle Will Travel.
  • Was a featured fan in the 5HeadsTall Productions (Sky Wilson and Vin Kelly) documentary George and Me about how much of a positive "force" Star Wars has been on fans' lives since its release in 1977. showing that the traditional stereotype of the "geeky" fan has little value in today's world.

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