"Mika, if it is the Empire, they won't be satisfied with that. They've gone to too much trouble already"
―Leda Kyss[src]

Leda Kyss was a Human female member of the warrior caste on the planet Rabaan. Unlike other warriors, like her friend Mika Streev, she was more open minded about the greater galaxy and around 2 ABY she ended up aiding the Rebel Alliance by helping them set up a secret base on the moon of Rabaan known only as Combat Moon. She tried to get her friend Streev to become sympathetic to the Rebel cause against the Galactic Empire right before his ritual combat with the S'krrr warrior Sh'shak however her offer was rejected. During the ritual combat Imperial stormtroopers led by Modigal Glave attempted to interfere and start a war between Rabaan and S'krrr however thanks to the intervention of Kyss and her Rebel allies the plans of Imperial Governor Klime were foiled. During the attack Glave tried to finish the mission by killing Sh'shak however Kyss sacrificed herself to save the S'krrr warrior and prevent a war.


Early LifeEdit

"Oh space! That's right, I forgot. You've never been off planet. You've never seen what's going on out there! You've never given a thought to anything farther than your next trophy."
―Leda Kyss chastising Mika Streev[src]

Leda Kyss was born on the planet Rabaan where she was part of their warrior caste. She spent her childhood training for combat alongside fellow warrior Mika Streev. She was not quite as skilled as Streev was however she had a wider range of interests while he was entirely focused on combat. She became interested in flying freighters and was able to explore the wider galaxy.

During her travels she saw how the Galactic Empire tried to obliterate any signs of the Rebel Alliance, brainwash the populace, and crush any and all resistance. Kyss ended up helping a small group of Rebels flee from an Imperial starport and they convinced her to join the Rebel Alliance.

Her travels often brought her to the Circarpous system where she would meet with members of a resistance group. Sometime around 2 ABY she helped the Rebels establish the start of a secret base on Rabaan's Combat Moon. Around this same time a Rabaan orbital station was destroyed which brought tension between the Rabaanites and their neighbors, the S'krrr. Her friend, Streev, was selected to battle a S'krrr warrior to resolve the conflict in ritual combat on the Combat Moon. Kyss volunteered to fly her friend to the moon.


Modigal Glave shoots Leda Kyss.

Combat Moon IncidentEdit

"Maybe I made a mistake. I joined your Rebellion because I thought you fought against things like this. You do what you want. I can't just sit here."
―Leda Kyss to Rebel pilot[src]

En route to the moon Kyss tried to tell Streev about the wider galaxy and the injustices committed by the Empire however he was willfully ignorant of the galaxy and was too focused on the upcoming fight to really consider her words.

After she dropped him off she flew to the Rebel base where she met with the X-wing starfighter pilot who was in charge. The group of Rebels, including Sanna, a Givin, and two Bothans monitored Streevs progress as he encountered a group of stormtroopers sent to kill him and trigger a war. When Streev and the S'krrr warrior Sh'shak became overwhelmed she grabbed a blaster and came to their aid. She helped hold off the Imperials long enough for Sh'shak to assemble a comlink to broadcast a warning to both planets about the Imperial plans to spark a war in the system however the signal was jammed by the Empire.

Eventually Streev, Sh'shak, and Kyss were overwhelmed and surrounded by the forces of Commander Modigal Glave however the rest of the Rebels came to their aide, revealing the secret base in the process. The X-wing destroyed the Imperial ships in the area while the other Rebels charged, blasters firing. Glave took aim and tried one last time to kill Sh'shak however Kyss dove in front of the S'krrr warrior, saving his life at the expense of her own.


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