Leddar was the daughter of prospect magnate Samuel. One day, while she was playing with her friend, an estranged partner who her father had cheated, kidnapped her, taking Leddar into the inhospitable surface of the planet to await the ransom. After a brief conflict, Leddar was rescued by Darca Nyl, who also, when Samuel wanted to confront Royce, threw them a blaster (which was not in fact working) and told them that they were free to fight it out and live a short life of hatred and revenge, ignoring what was important. He didn't care, he said, appealing to Samuel and Royce to realize their selfishness and repent their actions. Samuel quickly regretted his own actions and selfishness and rushed to his daughter, and asked for forgiveness. Leddar looked with gratitude and happiness from her father's shoulders, at Darca, who had practically just saved her father from his own greed.