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"And as your king, I pledge my loyalty to all people of Mon Cala."
―Lee-Char at his coronation.[src]

Lee-Char was a male Mon Calamari who served as the leader of Mon Cala during the Clone Wars. He was set to take the throne from his father, King Yos Kolina, but his father's assassination led to a civil war on the planet. In the final battle of the war, he personally killed Riff Tamson, the Separatist ambassador responsible for his father's assassination. At the end of the war, Lee-Char was crowned as the 83rd King of Mon Cala[2] by the Quarren chieftain Nossor Ri.


Born years before the Clone Wars, Lee-Char was the son of Yos Kolina, King of Mon Cala. As Kolina's son, Lee-Char was next in line to become Mon Cala's king.[1]

The Clone WarsEdit

However, in 20 BBY,[4] Kolina was murdered by a unknown assailant. This forced Lee-Char to take his father's place as the new King.[1]

Following his father's assassination, a meeting was held between Lee-Char and his fellow Mon Calamari and Chieftain Nossor Ri's Quarren Isolation League. The Mon Calamari then asked Republic Senator Padmé Amidala and her protector Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker to assist in the negotiations. The Quarren invited Separatist ambassador, Commander Riff Tamson, to assist them in demanding a Quarren king. Despite Lee-Char's assurances that he was dedicated to serving both the Quarren and Mon Cala people, Tamson believed that Lee-Char had not earned the right to speak. Tamson and the Quarren then left believing that the time for words were over. Ri then expressed his sympathies to Lee-Char about the loss of his father.[1]

Lee-Char later met with Senator Meena Tills and Gial Ackbar, captain of the Mon Calamari Guard. Tills ordered Ackbar to be Lee-Char's bodyguard. Ackbar told the Senator that Lee-Char was not ready to command Mon Cala's military. Despite agreeing with Ackbar, Lee-Char prepared for war. Lee-Char spoke to his people, assuring them he would lead them and that the Quarren would not attack. However, the Quarren and Separatist forces under Tamson attacked. Lee-Char along with Skywalker and Ackbar went to the battlefield to watch. Despite Skywalker's plea to get Lee-Char to safety, the prince chose stay with his people. During the battle Lee-Char helped Skywaker and Amidala take several troops through a tube to get behind the aqua droids. It was destroyed and Skywalker told Lee-Char that they would have to wait for Republic reinforcements.[1]

Republic SCUBA troopers under Jedi Master Kit Fisto, Commander Monnk, and Skywalker's Padawan, Ahsoka Tano arrived. As the Mon Calamari cheered the Republic's arrival, Ackbar told Lee-Char to make them cheer for him and gave him a blaster spear. Lee-Char then came under attack by Tamson, but was saved by Tano. The two of them then took a OMS Devilfish through several tubes. Tamson then tried to break through the tube, but he and his forces were then forced to retreat. Tills told Lee-Char that he must demand a surrender from the Quarren. However, Tamson and his forces, aided by Hydroid Medusas from Karkaris attacked. Lee-Char and his forces attempted to hold their ground against both the aqua droids and hydroid meduas, but Ackbar urged the prince to retreat to the caves. After making their retreat to the caves.[1]

Lee-Char, the Jedi and the Senators contacted the Jedi Council to request more reinforcements before communications were lost. Lee-Char and the others decided to reach the Republic cruiser. However, Tamson destroyed the cruiser. Lee-Char and his group split up with the prince going with Tano, Fisto and the clones while Skywalker took Ackbar, Amidala and Tills with him. As Lee-Char, the Jedi, and clones went into hiding, he saw how the Separatists and the Quarren had begun to take the Mon Calamari to labor camps. To inspire his people, Lee-Char took a conch shell, made a big sound, and made it known to his people that he was still alive and would continue to fight for them. Lee-Char and his company were confronted by the aqua droids, but were cut down by the Jedi. The Republic were able to convince the Gungans to send their Grand Army as reinforcements to free the Mon Cala. However, Tamson deployed his reinforcements to counter the Republic's reinforcements. Tamson then deployed his Trident-class assault ship ships and used them to create a vortex that pulled in all the Mon Calamari and Republic forces. Lee-Char and Tano then came under attack by Tamson, but was saved when Fisto took him on in order for Lee-Char to escape.[5]

Lee-Char and Tano came up with plan to free all the prisoners and convince Ri to join him. They made their way to one of the camps, where they met up with Ackbar, Tills and Monnk. Despite his people's belief that the Quarren were behind Kolina's assassination, Lee-Char knew that Tamson was behind it.[6]

Under the reign of the EmpireEdit

Dark Lord 13 King Lee Char

Lee-Char defying Ambassador Telvar's offers

Sometime after the proclamation of the New Order, Lee-Char came under the influence of a surviving Jedi and started turning his back on the Galactic Empire's trade offers. Moff Wilhuff Tarkin came to Mon Cala on the Sovereign and sent down ambassador Telvar to negotiate with Lee-Char. He continued to deny these offers and his [[Advisor|adviser], Raddus, offered the idea of seceding from the Empire. Darth Vader and three Inquisitors traveled to Mon Cala to search for this Jedi and Telvar's shuttle detonated killing Telvar and the rest of the crew.[3] Mon Cala was later subjugated by the Empire.[7]

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