Leeta Poandeu was a female Human slicer that was highly trained in combat situations and lived during the Galactic Civil War between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire.


In 1 ABY, Leeta worked in the A.C.L.O office, east of Dearic on Talus. While working with the A.C.L.O, Leeta sliced the personal computer of Galiir Ac Yandar, representative of their rivals, the Nightstrike Soldier Hegemony or N.S.H. By slicing Galiir's computer, Leeta planted incriminating evidence, which made it seem as though Galiir was putting the Empire in a bad light. Fortunately for Galiir, he was cleared of any wrongdoings, but wanted revenge against the person who had sliced his computer.

Galiir discussed his plight with a spacer who was working for Colonel Braedic Ekirk. He informed the spacer that he was certain the slicer was a member of the A.C.L.O. He did not, however, know which member was responsible for the slicing. Galiir sent the spacer to the A.C.L.O officer, where an undercover operative, Mark Hieks, was working for the N.S.H. The spacer was tasked with finding out more information, so that the culprit could be determined.

After killing a number of A.C.L.O members, the spacer discovered a datapad which indicated that Leeta Poandeu was the slicer. The spacer went to the second floor of the office, and entered the central computer control room. Immediately, the spacer began attacking Leeta, who in turn fired back. However, it was no use. Leeta was being outmatched by the spacer, and she soon feel to the ground lifeless.

Behind the scenesEdit

Leeta Poandeu is a Non-Player Character (NPC) in the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. In the game, players who partake in the so-called "Legacy Quest," will eventually find themselves in the employ of Braedic Ekirk and Galiir Ac Yandar. While working for Galiir, players are sent to the A.C.L.O office to assassinate Leeta.