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"Legacy" is the eleventh episode and the mid-season finale of the Star Wars Rebels animated television series' second season.[2] It is the twenty-sixth episode of the series overall. The episode premiered on December 9, 2015 on Disney XD.[1]

Official descriptionEdit

After seeing his parents in a strange vision, Ezra believes they may still be alive. He heads back to Lothal for answers, while the Empire comes to Garel hoping to crush the rebellion.[2]

Plot summaryEdit

While sleeping in his bunk aboard the Ghost, Ezra experiences a Force vision of his parents and an impending Imperial attack on the planet Garel. During his vision, he encounters a Loth-cat. After awakening from his vision, Ezra interrupts a meeting between Phoenix Leader Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus, who are discussing plans to establish a permanent base for the rebellion. Ezra relates his vision to Hera and Kanan, prompting the two older rebels to disclose Tseebo's information about his parents. Hera and Kanan reveal that Ezra's parents had been imprisoned within a vast network of Imperial prisons scattered throughout the galaxy. However, they are unable to determine which prison his parents had been sent to.

Meanwhile above the planet Lothal, Admiral Kassius Konstantine, Agent Kallus, and the two Inquisitors known as the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister discuss their plans to attack the rebel presence on Garel. Kallus resolves that the Imperials work together to crush the rebels and orders Admiral Konstantine to deploy the Imperial fleet to Garel. Back on Garel, Ezra is looking at a hologram of his parents when Kanan and Hera inform him that there had been a mass-escape from an Imperial prison on Lothal the previous night. Ezra quickly realizes that his vision is somehow connected to the escape attempt and that his parents may have been involved. Under Kanan's instructions, Ezra uses the Force to focus on a list of the Lothalian prisoners. After seeing a vision of a Loth-cat and a hooded figure, Ezra zooms in on Prisoner X-10, a Lothalian prisoner who had been arrested years ago for treason.

Using this new information, Ezra decides to embark on a trip to Lothal. Shortly later, Sabine Wren revealed that the Imperial fleet above Lothal had recently departed. Ezra sees this as a sign that it is the right time to go to Lothal. Meanwhile, Garazeb Orrelios and Chopper are shopping in the streets of Garel for supplies when they receive instructions to return to the Ghost. When Zeb reports that they had encountered no Imperial patrols, Sabine recalled that it was Imperial strategy to withdraw their patrols before launching a major strike. Shortly later, a fleet of Star Destroyers arrive above Garel.

Hera orders Sabine to splice their jamming system while they wait for Zeb and Chopper to rejoin them. Zeb and Chopper are pursued by several stormtroopers but Kanan and Ezra come to their rescue. During a gun battle in the hangar bay, the stormtroopers are joined by Agent Kallus. Giving into his rage, Ezra uses the Force to throw Kallus against a wall. Shortly later, the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister arrive and attempt to goad Ezra into attacking them. However, Kanan shoots the blast doors closed; giving the rebels time to escape. He reminds his apprentice to stay focused on the mission. Together, the rebels escape aboard the Ghost while Hera gives orders for the rest of the Phoenix Squadron to depart. In response, Admiral Konstantine orders his crew to prepare the tractor beam to intercept the rebel ships.

Once airborne, Ezra, Kanan and Chopper depart aboard the Phantom. Meanwhile, Zeb mans the Ghost's rear turret and blasts a TIE fighter. The Phantom takes an advantage of a momentary gap in the Imperial fleet to depart Garel for Lothal. Meanwhile, Commander Jun Sato and Rex's CR90 corvette are trapped in the tractor beam of an Imperial Star Destroyer. Using a dangerous maneuver, Hera uses the Ghost to knock out the Star Destroyer's tractor beam, allowing Sato and several rebel ships to escape into hyperspace. Hera and Sabine opt to stay with the rest of the rebel fleet. When one of Admiral Konstantine's underlings reports that Agent Kallus would like to know the location of the fleet, the Admiral reports that he and his men are wondering the same thing as well.

Meanwhile, the Phantom exits hyperspace above Lothal. Kanan expressed relief at not seeing a Star Destroyer for a change and comforts Ezra by telling him that he had lost his master. Upon landing in Capital City, Kanan and Ezra visit his old home, which had been razed to the ground by the Empire. Meanwhile, Chopper stays aboard the Phantom's astromech socket. While meditating in the Force, Ezra encounters a white loth-cat. The cat leads Ezra on a chase through the streets of Lothal before escaping into the wilderness on the back of a speeder bike - however, Ezra managed to plant a locator on the speeder before it had escaped. They fly the Phantom to the wilderness where they encounter the loth-cat and the speeder bike.

Shortly later, they are cornered by a hooded figure, who fires at them. Ezra quickly recognizes the man as X-10, the prisoner from his Force vision. Ezra manages to placate the man by revealing that he is the son of Ephraim and Mira Bridger. Later, the man identifies himself as Ryder Azadi, a former Governor of Lothal who was imprisoned by the Imperials for supporting his parents' broadcasts. In the presence of Ezra, Kanan, and Chopper, Azadi reveals that his parents had heard Ezra's broadcast from Lothal's Imperial Communications Center and this had inspired them to stage a break out at their prison. However, they were killed during the escape attempt. Later that night, Ezra experiences another Force vision where he is visited by both his parents, who tell him they are proud of his achievements and tell him to stay strong. Later, Ezra relates his vision to Kanan, who informs his apprentice that the Jedi teach that life does not end with death but merely changes form. He also tells Ezra that his parents will always be with him.


"Legacy" was known during and after production as "The Secret of Prisoner X-10," and was only changed to its final title in September 2015.[6]


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