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Senator Leia Organa owned a keepsake chest that was placed in the Great Hall of Birren by her father Bail Organa, and kept there by Lord Mellowyn, the supreme governor of Birren. It notably contained a tiny doll; a small, soft blanket of fine gillendown; a lock of dark-brown hair[1] that once belonged to Kier Domadi,[2] tied at each end with a ribbon; and a music box with a recording of "Mirrorbright", a traditional Alderaanian song, as well a recording of Bail's voice. In the recording, Bail revealed Leia's parentage — her father being Anakin Skywalker and her mother being Padmé Amidala — and also told her about her history.[1]

In 3 BBY, on the night before the ceremony in which she was formally invested as crown princess of Alderaan, Leia gave the chest to Bail to signify that she had outgrown the need to use the chest.[2] Bail passed the chest on to Mellowyn at some point during the next few years, ensuring its survival of the destruction of Alderaan.[1]

The chest eventually fell into the hands of Carise Sindian, the supreme governor of Birren at the time, who used it to ruin Leia's reputation, as they were in different political parties. Therefore, Sindian had broken an oath she had made, which eventually backfired on her when Leia had the ruling council of the Elder Houses strip Sindian of all her noble titles.[1]


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