Doctor Leig Duwan was a male Human surgeon and professor at Coruscant Medical. He was known for always having a smile on his face.


While studying at the University of Alderaan, Duwan experienced a state of emotional depression because of his father's death, his mother was in the hospital, his sister lost on an expedition and he was afraid of being expelled from the faculty. He seriously thought about suicide, but finally refused. Years later, he continued smiling. One day, a man stopped Leig to say thank you for saving his life. Leig thought it was normal, because he was a surgeon and that people often said it to him. This was not the case, however; the stranger was passing a deep depression and was going to commit suicide, but he gave him a last chance. If one person, just one, smiled at him, he would forget about the idea of suicide. Doctor Duwan's smile had saved the man.