The Leisurenauts were a band consisting of preprogrammed musician droids of the Cold War era. They were installed in the Nexus Room Cantina in Kaas City, the capital of the Sith Empire's throneworld of Dromund Kaas.


The Leisurenauts were a band installed in the Nexus Room Cantina in Kaas City. Consisting of three droids, PK-1R, 4-4TM and E-B0W, they were actively preforming in the cantina as early as 3641 BBY. Patrons could activate the Leisurenauts by inputting tokens into the cantina's jukebox and selecting a track for them to perform. The songs that the Leisurenauts had been programmed with included "Do the Holos Show Up on the Bill?," "In the Escape Pod," "Yesterday's Jawa" and "See You on the Dark Side."[2]

Millennia after the end of the Cold War, an archaeological expedition into the ruins of Kaas City excavated the still-intact Leisurenauts. The ancient droids were reactivated, and the music they had been programmed with was rediscovered. Some critics noted that these ancient instrumental pieces were soulless and reminiscent of lift-tube music.[1]



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