Lela Nalle Mayn was a female Human from Commenor and studied architecture at Coruscant University. As one of the Nalle triplets she worked for the corrupt Mayor Acros-Krik as a spy and could often be seen in the Outlander Club. Of the three sisters she was the only one to be married. She was also the mother of New Republic starfighter pilot Todra Mayn.

Behind the scenesEdit

Lela Nalle Mayn was one of three Outlander Club patrons portrayed by Amy Allen in Attack of the Clones. The name Lela Mayn is an anagram of "Amy Allen." It was initially unknown whether Lela was the third Nalle triplet, but the appearance of one of the sisters in Evasive Action: Recruitment being very much like her costume in Attack of the Clones strongly suggested it. Lela Mayn's entry in's original Databank later confirmed that she was the third triplet, with Mayn being her married name.



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