"I am in contact with Rebel leaders in this sector. We'd like to talk to you about helping us fight the Empire"

Lennart was a male corporal in the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


Shortly prior to battle of Talus Lennart was introduced to an ambitious young man willing to fight against Galactic Empire. Their meeting at a Corellian spaceport was interrupted by an attack of Namman Cha and his Dark Jedi adepts, but the Rebels were aware of the attack. The attackers were surprised to find a much more formidable force that the one they expected to find, and were forced into retreat. Seeing the young man in action, Lennart estimated his skill and accepted him into the Alliance.

Later, commanding the defense of the Rebel base on Talus, Lennart sent the young man to infiltrate the Imperial outpost at Corellia and obtain the plan of the upcoming operation against the Rebels. Analyzing the Imperial strategy, it was concluded that the proper defense of the base was impossible. A decision was made to evacuate all of the personnel from the base, Lennart personally sent the new recruit to pilot a SoroSuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 called Spirit of Corellia, on which many of the base's critical personnel were being evacuated.