Leonis Murthé was the science officer on board the Imperial extermination ship Azgoghk alongside Admiral Mir Tork.


Together, Leonis Murthé and Admiral Tork conducted a campaign of cleansing against alien species with the goal of creating an all-Human Empire. Murthé was notorious for seeking the most painful and horrific methods of killing, prolonging the screams as long as possible before death. Tork even acquired for Murthé an old lightsaber, which Murthé greatly enjoyed.

A surviving Gulmarid named Slique Brighteyes hired Boba Fett to kill Tork and Murthé in the years after the Battle of Endor. Fett did so on Malicar 3, after shooting down and infiltrating the Azgoghk. Murthé attempted to fend off Fett with his lightsaber, but the attempt was completely ineffective and Fett set Murthé on fire. Murthé ran around screaming and begging for a quicker death, but only received one—a blaster shot to the forehead—when he nearly ambushed Fett.



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