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"You are a Leonis, and that is the furthest thing from stupid or useless."
Auntie Nags to Zare Leonis[src]

The Leonis family, also known as the Leonises, were a human family that hailed from the Core Worlds of the galaxy. Several known members of the Leonis family included Leo and his wife Tepha, their daughter Dhara Leonis, and their son Zare Leonis. The family was also aided by a nanny droid named Auntie Nags. While Leo was known as a staunch Imperial loyalist, his family members were more lukewarm in their support for the Galactic Empire. Later, the family went into hiding after Zare joined the rebellion and the Spectres rescued Dhara from the Empire.


In 3272 LY, the Leonises moved to Capital City, Lothal, in the Outer Rim Territories. While Leo and Tepha worked as agricultural scientists for Imperial Ministry of Agriculture, their children attended school on Lothal. Dhara became a cadet at the Academy for Young Imperials while Zare studied at the Junior Academy of Applied Sciences, where he became the center-striker for the school's grav-ball team, the AppSci SaberCats. Later that year, Dhara disappeared during a training exercise and was listed as missing. While Leo clung to his faith in the Empire, his wife Tepha and son Zare were skeptical of the official Imperial explanation.

The following year, her brother Zare joined the Imperial Academy in order to discover the truth behind his sister's whereabouts. With the help of his girlfriend Merei Spanjaf and the rebel Dev Morgan, Zare discovered that the Empire had kidnapped Dhara and forcibly inducted her into Project Harvester. Zare advanced in his Imperial Academy training and was later transferred to the Arkanis Academy. However, he was exposed as a traitor before he could find his sister Dhara. Mere and the rebel cell known as the Spectres helped evacuate the remaining Leonises and Auntie Nags into hiding and later rescued Zare and Dhara from Arkanis.


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