"Doctor Lerek is gone. Good riddance."
―Doctor Soprin[src]

Lerek was a male Human doctor working for Czerka Coporation before the Great Galactic War. He was part of the team under Director Antayen that worked on Tatooine excavating The Imprisoned One's mind prison. While Doctor Soprin speculated that the device was a Gree Enclave creation, Lerek openly mocked the theory, which caused her to dislike him. Lerek insisted that the device was a dangerous weapon and fearing for his life eventually left the team. Before leaving Tatooine altogether, he stopped at the Anchorhead spaceport and recorded one final message, warning not to tamper with the device. Unfortunately, Lerek's concerns have proven justified, as The Imprisoned One broke free and killed or enslaved all personnel present at Czerka base at the time.