The Leresai (adj. Leresen) of the Mid Rim were a species which sided against the Bothans during the Caamas Document crisis in 19 ABY. When two Leresai were killed in a riot on Bothawui, Leresen law (summarized as "life for life, one guilty for himself or ten innocent of his tribe") demanded retribution. According to the Leresai, since the Bothans refused to turn over the guilty security guards, the Leresai were entitled to kill twenty innocent Bothans. They accomplished this by destroying a zero-gravity crystal factory in Bothawui orbit, carrying a crew of twenty-one. General Wedge Antilles and Rogue Squadron attempted to stop the Leresai warships, but the weapons systems on their X-wings had been sabotaged by Leresai on Di'tai'ni. The Leresai openly admitted this sabotage - in their view, it was an honorable action that prevented neutral New Republic forces from harm.

The Leresai were also noted for surprisingly melodious voices.

Sordaan Xris onced claimed to have acquired a Kalranoos carbine in a wager with a Leresai bounty hunter.



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