Lernik De'Yago was a male Rodian arms merchant.


Before 3 ABY, De'Yago, a gunrunner, made occasional deals with members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic on their base at Asher III.

Just before the battle of Hoth, the Galactic Empire found the Asher base and attacked it while De'Yago was there. During the battle, De'Yago's cargo of weapon was appropriated by the Empire and he was never paid for it. De'Yago noticed the illegally-modified Short Hauler Nova Whisper, that the Rebels had been using as a medical transport, and the Rodian merchant stole the ship to escape.

As the Empire had been close to capture him, De'Yago coded several credit-account access numbers into a subroutine of the nav computer, and deleted it from his personal datapad; thus, should the Empire capture him, they could not find his treasure cover. To access this information, he only had to plot a course to the Noquivzor system and the ship would recognize the passcode.

Nevertheless, De'Yago had lost a lot of money and, to recover from his losses, he sold the Nova Whisper to a starship merchant on the Ithorian Herdship Bazaar.