Agent Lesan Dos was a male Human who worked for the Imperial Security Bureau during the early years of the Galactic Empire.


Following the declaration of the New Order, Dos was tasked with preventing anyone in the Imperial Senate from discovering the existence of the Sarlacc, a clandestine project that was undertaken by the Imperial Navy and the Inquisitorius to construct a prototype Super Star Destroyer, and he exposed a number of anti-Imperial alien plots within the Senate, although anti-Imperial activists believed that Dos' findings were fabricated.

In about 17 BBY, Dos commenced a sting operation in the Outlander Club, in the CoCo Town region of the planet Coruscant, to try and draw out some of his non-Human enemies. While Dos' double, the ISB operative Nonul Weran, visited the club and pretended to be Dos, Dos observed Weran from a balcony, to see if anyone approached the decoy. ISB agents were not normally permitted to visit the Outlander Club, but Dos blackmailed the establishment's owners into allowing him to perform his scheme, and the operation carried on for some time, with limited success. Shortly after the Battle of Nizon, a team of Alderaanian Resistance agents traveled to club and defeated Dos and Weran in combat, then stole Dos' code cylinder and used it to access Imeici Spire, the headquarters of the Sarlacc Project.