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"Must be boring back there. Maybe I should let him out—he's harmless without blades. No! What am I thinking."
―Drobo considers releasing Wasaki for entertainment.[src]

Leshy Drobo was a bounty hunter around 20,000 BBY. He used freight hauling as a front for his hunting, and occasionally worked with another hunter, Gammid. His most notable catch was the Jedi Knight Roni von Wasaki although Drobo did not survive to collect the bounty.


Leshy Drobo was a Human male, with black hair. He used his ship, Starkiller, as a freight-hauling front for his criminal activity. He was one of many people who attempted to capture Jedi Knight Roni von Wasaki but, along with his companion Gammid and droid XT-8, was the only one to successfully do so. He and Gammid distracted Wasaki, an act that got Gammid killed, while XT-8 sneaked up behind Wasaki and stunned him. This confirmed what Drobo thought, that Jedi mind tricks had no affect on droids. Drobo and XT-8 then froze Wasaki in carbonite and loaded him onto the Starkiller to be transported to collect his 100,000 credit reward.

During the flight, however, Wasaki reached out with his mind and managed to convince Drobo to free him from the carbonite. XT-8 discovered this and confronted Drobo in the engine room, killing him outright but also damaging the hyperdrive engines. Drobo's body lay there for over 20,000 years while XT-8 attempted to get to the crime boss offering the reward on their remaining sublight drives. When a group of Rebels entered the ship they discovered his dead body and, upon touching it, it crumbled revealing Drobo's hold-out blaster.