Lesia was a female from the planet Naboo. She was the great-granddaughter of Pars Varqom, a retired Palace Guard for the Royal Naboo Security Forces. Varqom served as a Pearl Hat for 18 years under seven monarchs, from King Ars Veruna to Queen Mairayni. His memoirs, which mentioned Lesia, were recorded in the 2,453th volume of the Royal Archives of Naboo.

Lesia deemed his great-grandfather "old-fasioned" due to his anti-droid sentiment and boycott of products manufactured by Neimoidians, Duros or from corporations that aided both sides of the Invasion of Naboo, such as Tagge Company and the ones based on Balmorra and Kuat.

Behind the scenesEdit

Jason Fry, writer of The Essential Guide to Warfare, eventually cut any mentioning of Lesia in the final product. The character was later made canonical in the blog post Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare: Author's Cut, Part 6 — Showdown at Naboo. For Varqom's story, Fry took inspiraton from World War II veterans he knew who swore to never buy cars made in Japan after the conflict.


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