Lesser Galam was a moonless planet, the first from the star Lan of the Lan system, located inside the Hook Nebula, within the Outer Rim region of the galaxy. As with the worlds of the Lan system, except for Lan Barell, Lesser Galam was incapable of supporting life, having a scorched climate and a desolate, waterless and rocky surface. Lesser Galam was extremely ore-rich, a fact which lead to its discovery by the Galactic Republic, sometime around 1300 BBY. Soon after, the Gaminne Group, Inc.—a Human mining conglomerate—purchased the system's mining rights from Lan Barell's native species, the Qieg, and started exploring the mineral resources, shipping ore to many resource-poor systems. The Qieg and the Human colonists would in time form a stable government, the Human-Qieg Guild, administrating over the entire system. The system would eventually become part of the Galactic Empire's space, although the Empire didn't have official presence there.[2]

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Lesser Galam first and only mention, thus far, was in the article "Lan Barell," written by Paul Sudlow and published within the Star Wars Adventure Journal 1 in 1994.


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