Lethbridge Grimes was a male Human who lived on the planet Cularin during the waning years of the Republic Classic era. Grimes was an acquaintance of Selima DeWitt, the daughter of the Baron Administrator of the platform city Bayonard, but after he was sent to jail for a few months, he lost contact with DeWitt. In the year 31 BBY, DeWitt went missing and a group of freelance agents were hired by her father to look for her. Grimes was present in Bayonard during the agents' investigation and he overheard a conversation between the agents and DeWitt's friend Jee Sallis, who informed the agents that DeWitt had moved to the city Gadrin. Eager to re-acquaint himself with DeWitt, Grimes offered to transport the agents to Gadrin in his airspeeder. The agents accepted Grime's offer and they traveled with him to Gadrin. However, just as Grimes' speeder approached the city, it was pulled over by a group of Office of Peace and Security officers, who took Grimes into their custody.