"Can you please direct me to the bad guys so we can fry them and find a way off this lovely vacation spot?"
―Lex Kempo while on Gabredor III[src]

Lex Kempo, nicknamed Mad Vornskr, was a mercenary with the Red Moons. Earlier in his career he had been a Scout trooper with the Galactic Empire and claimed to have been in a dozen different private armies and militias. He was good friends to Sully Tigereye and Hugo Cutter and they had a camaraderie where they would trade insults at each other, which confused the rookie of the group Brixie Ergo. He owned a personal set of scout trooper armor he kept from his days as a scout trooper and the blaster rifle he was assigned with. He also carried a DL-18 blaster pistol and a vibrocutlass.

While on Gabredor III he killed two scouts for the Karazak Slavers Cooperative and blew up their command center along with himself.



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